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Privacy policy

Rósa - Your candidate

2020-11-08 18:13

Here is an english translation of what I presented in R7 about me and my political opinions.

Who am I?

My name is Rósa Tyril Gaardlykke, I’m 27 years old, live in Saltangará, and grew up mostly in Göta, but have also lived in Denmark, the UK and the Philippines. I moved to the municipality of Runavík six years ago, when I married my husband, Jonathan Gaardlykke. We now have three small kids, which we have decided to raise at home, rather than in daycare.

I am a nurse, and therefore have knowledge as well as an interest in the politics of health and the elderly. I have also been one of the organizers of the G!-festival for multiple years, and have an interest in music and art. I am a christian and part of the small church Lívsins Orð.

Politics have had my interest since I was a child, and have been a part of the board in Miðflokkurin for the last three years. I want a society where individuals and families are free to shape their own lives, and want to contribute to this for example by keeping taxes as low as possible and options in childcare and other areas varied.

Goals and thoughts

Respect for citizens

This term, my greatest goal is that the municipal management becomes more transparent and all citizens are heard and respected. Earlier this year, the municipality was reprimanded for not answering citizens’ complaints and for seemingly lacking respect for said citizens.

This can not go on, and I would like to implement a few administrative changes to ensure that citizens are heard, respected, and always recieve an answer promptly when contacting the administration.


Many big projects lie ahead - the new swimming center, bigger schools and childcare institutions to mention a few. It is therefore important to prioritize well and also be financially sensible.

The biggest project this term is probably leading all the traffic from the new tunnel safely through our villages. A lot of work is already done here, and a brand new road will take the traffic from the tunnel to Glyvrar, but more work is needed to guide traffic through for example Skálafjørð and Søldarfjørð, to ensure it disturbes the lives of our citizens as little as possible. Better paths are also needed for people who wish to travel between the different villages in the municipality by foot and bicycle.

Family life

As a mother of small children, I think a lot about policies concerning children and families. I want to make sure families have multiple options in childcare. It is important that the private day-care options in the municipality continue, and that people can opt for having their child in daycare part-time.

If our government allows it, Borgaralistin wants to start a 3-year project where part of the money currently invested into daycare by the municipality, can follow the child. This will enable families to pick the child-care option that fits them best. As it is now, it is financially almost impossible to choose other options than full-time daycare.

An option should also be available for stay-at-home parents and their children to meet, with good circumstances for children to play.

Our daycare-institutions need to have enough workers, big playgrounds and quality toys, so that our children have the best conditions to grow and learn. I also would like more focus on health in daycare and other areas.

Other ideas

Apartments for elderly people should be built, so that they have more living-options, and also are able to stay in their own home for as long as possible. I would also like to see playgrounds and green areas around care homes and the like, so that other people naturally meet in the area.

We need an integration policy, to ensure we welcome all our international citizens and help them feel at home here. We should also offer locally an intensive course in the faroese language to all citizens, who do not have faroese as their first language.

My plea

As a relatively new citizen in the municipality of Runavík, I can see problems and opportunities with fresh eyes and have the boldness to create new solutions. Vote for Rósa Tyril Gaardlykke if you want a young voice in the city council, that first and foremost will fight for the right of all citizens to be heard and respected, secondly for sensible financial expenditures, and thirdly for good policies concerning families, health, the elderly, culture and integration.