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Privacy policy


2020-10-26 20:36
All foreign citizens who have been resident in the Faroe Islands for at least three years have the right to vote in municipal elections and to run for election themselves.
Tjóðveldi – the Republican Party – encourages you to be an active part of local democracy by using your voice and making a choice at the forthcoming municipal elections around the country on 10 November 2020.
Make sure to check that you are properly registered on the electoral list in the municipality where you live.
Candidates for Tjóðveldi at this year’s municipal elections are committed to focusing on concrete issues that can improve opportunities and ensure a high quality of life for all residents of the Faroe Islands. Strengthening local communities and promoting local democracy is our common aim.
Ensuring a responsive intregration policy is also a major responsibility for both local and national authorities. Tjóðveldi welcomes new residents to the Faroe Islands and is committed to ensuring that all newcomers have full access to social and educational services that can help everyone feel at home and become active members of the community.
Join the conversation and have your say about how you want your local council representatives to work for you and your local community.
Help us keep the Faroe Islands a dynamic and strong nation of communities. Tjóðveldi promotes and encourages active and inclusive local democracy, based our core values of freedom, equality, human rights, sustainability and respect for diversity.
Tórshavn Municipality
In the municipality of Tórshavn, Tjóðveldi is putting forward a strong and diverse list of 16 candidates with a variety of backgrounds and experience. They are all ready to work for the good of residents across the capital as well as in the villages and islands that make up the wider municipality.
Issues high on Tjóðveldi’s agenda in Tórshavn include: affordable housing, social equality, green urban development, diverse opportunities for businesses, a vibrant culture and arts scene, comprehensive daycare and kindergartens, fulfillment and care for the elderly, modern sport and recreation facilities, effective services and access for people with special needs, safe and efficient transport and safety at work.

Tjóðveldi candidates for election to Tórshavn municipality:
Elsa Berg, Tórshavn, seaweed producer
Bergdís Ester Gisladóttir, Hoyvík, IT developer
Brandur Í Dali, Argir, technician
Jóhan Carl Dam, Tórshavn, machinist
John Dalsgarð, Tórshavn, coordinator at the Education Agency, self-employed
Ronnie Thomassen, Argir, head of department at the Environment Agency
Katrin Jacobæus, Tórshavn, children’s physiotherapist
Gunnar Djurhuus, Hoyvík, regional coordinator in Tórshavn Municipality
Gunvør Balle, Argir, Deputy Mayor of Tórshavn and adviser in the Foreign Service
Jóannes Guttesen, Hoyvík, inspector at the Food and Veterinary Agency
Turið Horn, Tórshavn, member of City Council and daycare manager
Jákup Dam, Kollafjørður, member of City Council and school teacher
Anja Hartmann Wardum, Nólsoy, head of Visit Nólsoy Information Centre
Snorri Patursson, Tórshavn, teacher at Mat- og Moldmentanarháskúlin, self-employed
Jón Kragesteen, Tórshavn, deputy school principal.